Friday, January 7, 2011

Snappy the Millionaire

Snappy has made local and internet news reaching one million views online. You can see him here, or find out more information online The Californian and Monterey County Herald have stopped by to write stories, here is a piece from the Califorian's staff writer, "Although he wasn't giving interviews Monday, Snappy Shelly Steinbeck, the Salinas Public Library's beloved African leopard tortoise had that smug, self-assured look of a movie star who just signed a three-pic deal.

Known to both his massive fan club and to his personal entourage alike simply as "Snappy," the library's celebrity pet was intently focused on devouring a salad of fresh radicchio and cherry tomatoes when the library's publicity machine went full-throttle trumpeting his latest achievement. It seems that Snappy recorded his 1 millionth page view on his 24-hour webcam, making him the most-viewed tortoise on the Internet.

Snappy's "agent" and library spokeswoman Jan Neal said the milestone came some time on New Year's Eve as the affable tortoise was preparing to usher in 2011.

"Snappy's New Year's resolution is to keep the web hits coming!" Neal said. "He's looking forward to reaching his personal goal of 2 million." Always wanting to give back, Snappy makes himself available to his younger fans Tuesdays at 4 p.m. when he personally hosts "Snappy the Tortoise Time." The library is located at 350 Lincoln Ave. in Salinas."

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