Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Goblin and the Empty Chair

Mem Fox along with Leo and Diane Dillon bring to life the story of a lonely Goblin who is ashamed and afraid of his own reflection. Living close to a family’s farm, he comes out at night to finish the chores the small family can’t finished on their own. He helps plow the fields and water plants, and cuts wood to help the family build and paint fences. Although he sneaks out quietly at night thinking he will fool the family, each member watches him in silence and is grateful for all his work. One day the Mom decides to invite the Goblin in with food and welcome him to the family to say thank you for all his hard work, but the Goblin is afraid to show his face. Will he come to dinner?

The colorful illustrations and medieval setting will keep kids from 2-8 engaged and the story is perfect for beginning readers to get practice with simple new and old vocabulary...

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